Explode into New Years with The Flaming Lips
Ratatat stomps into 2016
Tycho unleashes both a live and DJ set
Gramatik keys up the latenight funk
shake hands with Geographer
go deep with XXYYXX
Gigamesh drops deep disco
disbehave with Worthy
Pumpkin dishes out some love

Five, four, three, two, ONE!  These are the final words we hear before we launch into a fresh journey on January one. At that last moment, with all voices shouting that singular “ONE” we experience, for a rare fleeting moment, a true unity, community, singularity, and ONE-NESS. Another Planet Entertainment and HUSHconcerts are proud to unveil a brand new vision of New Years Eve spectacle at the Bill Graham Civic: THE BIG ONE. Ring in the New Year with an extended live performance by one of the world’s most celebratory bands THE FLAMING LIPS. Launch your 2016 with earthshaking after-hours sets by RATATAT and GRAMATIK. Warm up for the LIPS with live auditory journeys captained by TYCHO and GEOGRAPHER. Side room stages will feature brain-melting music from the likes of XXYYXX, GIGAMESH, KRAAK & SMAAK, SHIGETO, WORTHY, PUMPKIN, THRIFTWORKS, CHRISTOPHER WILLITS, WILL CLARKE, MOTION POTION, LATE NIGHT RADIO, KRAKINOV, and TYCHO’s patented DJ set.

THE BIG ONE is conceived and executed by Another Planet Entertainment (Outside Lands, Treasure Island Music Festival, Life is Beautiful Music & Art Festival) and HUSHconcerts (Sea of Dreams, Ghost Ship Halloween, HUSHfest).